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Learn how to build your first button, set up sequenced actions, or delete ones you no longer use.

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How to build your first button

Now it’s time to make your first button. To get started, head to the My Buttons dashboard, and click the pink Create New button in the top right.

Step 1: Select Action

The first step will be to select the button type you would like to create.

Scroll down the page to see all the available actions: Poll, Quiz, Sentiment Poll, Dial, Volunteer Carousel, Donation, Custom Email Target, Signup, Petition, Opinion, and Contact Your Lawmakers.

To see a preview of the button and select an action type, simply click the corresponding tile, then hit Next.

Step 2: Action Details

The next step is to fill-out the Button Details form.

The options vary based on button type, but will typically include: a Title field (for your question, call-to-action, etc), a Description field (for additional details/context), followed by a set of options specific to your chosen action type.

📌 To learn more about each action type's specific setup options, head here.

A live preview of the button you're creating appears to the left of the setup form. If you're on a smaller screen, above the setup form, you'll find the option to switch from the current Button Details to the Preview Button tab.

Beneath the preview, you can toggle between previewing the Start Screen (what viewers will see pre-action), and the Results Screen (what they'll see post-action).

Once you've completed all of the required Button Details fields, click Next to advance to the final Finish & Share step.

Step 3: Finish & Share

Here you have the option to customize the default button name (private, used under My Buttons), or the "Created by" name (public, appears above your button's title).

You can share/embed your button now, or handle those tasks later from the My Buttons dashboard. If you need to make any changes to your button's configuration, you can use the Back button — otherwise click Finish to set it live.

Sequenced actions

📌 Note: Sequenced actions are available on all paid plans. Learn more.

If you're on a paid plan, before you select your actions, you’ll be presented with a screen asking if you’d like to create a single action button or a sequenced action button.

  • Single action button: a button with a single action will have just that – one action. This is great if you’re looking to create a petition, or perhaps a poll or a quiz tied to a single piece of content on your site.

  • Sequenced action button: If you have access to the feature, we always recommend going with a sequence of actions as this allows you to leverage high-engagement actions, like sentiment polls, which prime your audience to act in subsequent actions like emailing Congress.

Once you choose your first action, be sure to fill in all the required information. If you’ve chosen a sequenced button, select your second action and do the same.

With that done, you can select the pink ‘Finish’ button and that’s it. Your new Action Button is ready to go.

Deleting a button

You can delete any button you’ve created at any time. Doing so is easy, but please note, this will delete your button, including in all locations where you've embedded it.

If you’d like to delete a button, return to the My Buttons screen. Find the button you want to delete, click View Button or the ... icon, and look for the Delete button. Select that, confirm, and your button will be deleted. In order to confirm the deletion, you'll be prompted to enter the word DELETE.

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