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What data will be synced to my NationBuilder account?

The people data collected via ActionButton will get sent to a connected NationBuilder account in the following cases:

  • Petition button: A record will be created for the action taker with a tag AB petition - Name of Button

  • Contact Your Rep. button: A first record will be created for the representative with the tag “AB-representative”. If the action taker opts-in, a contact will be logged on the representative’s record with the content of the message. A second record will be created or updated for the action taker with the tags: “AB-email-Name of Button”. A contact will be logged with the representative on the action taker’s record with the content of the message

Comparing paid ActionButton plans vs. the NationBuilder add-on

There are many advantages to purchasing the ActionButton add-on:

  • You will get a much lower price if you subscribe to ActionButton through NationBuilder.

  • You’ll have a single invoice for NationBuilder and ActionButton.

  • Your ActionButton data will sync with your nation for the eligible buttons.

How to get set up

If you don't already have a NationBuilder account, the first step is to start a free trial. For the simplest setup experience, make sure to use the same email address associated with your ActionButton account.

To add the ActionButton integration to your NationBuilder plan, log into your NationBuilder control panel, then navigate to Contact and billing > Add-ons.

After purchasing the add-on, you’ll see a link to "Set up your Action Button account"

If you used the same email address to set up both accounts, your existing ActionButton plan will be automatically converted to a NationBuilder add-on plan once the connection is finalized.

How do I upgrade my ActionButton plan?

You will be able to upgrade your plan in your nation control panel by navigating to Contact and billing > Add-ons > Manage Action Button.

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