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See how your buttons are performing
See how your buttons are performing

Learn how to get engagement data for your buttons

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You’ve embedded your button on your website, in your partners' blog posts, and distributed across social media channels. But how are folks interacting with them?

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Accessing interaction data

To see how people are using your buttons, start from the My Buttons menu.

Here, you can scroll through your buttons in chronological order. Click View Button on any of your buttons to see how people have answered your polls or quizzes, how many dollars have been raised, how many emails have been sent, and much more.

Exporting button and user data

If you are subscribed to a paid plan, you can also download this data from the Account Profile menu option. Once there, click Data to download .CSV files with:

  • Aggregate Information: Lists all actions created and shared in your ActionButton account, along with top-line action completion and opt-in numbers

  • Personally Identifiable Information: Lists contact details for anyone who opted-in to share that info with you via a Petition, Opinion or Contact Your Rep action type.

Here are the fields that are included in each .CSV download ...

Aggregate Information

  • WidgetRequestId: button ID used in share/embed links, e.g. SPK-R0ZDRQ==

  • WidgetName: The title of your button

  • ActionId: The numeric identifier for the individual action. If your button includes multiple sequenced actions, each step will have it's own row in the export.

  • ActionType: Petition, SentimentPoll, Volunteer, etc

  • Completed: Total count of people who completed the action

  • OptedIn: Total count of people who checked the box to share their personal contact info with you. This will be null if the action type doesn't include this option.

Personally Identifiable Information

  • WidgetRequestId

  • WidgetName

  • ActionId

  • ActionName

  • ActionType

  • Prefix

  • FirstName

  • MiddleName

  • LastName

  • FullName

  • Email

  • PhoneNumber

  • DateOfBirth

  • Country

  • State

  • County

  • City

  • ZipCode

  • Street

  • StreetNo

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