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Integrate ActionButton with Hopin
Integrate ActionButton with Hopin

Learn how to embed interactive action buttons in Hopin video events.

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You can now include ActionButton in any Hopin event! Hopin is an all-in-one events management platform (for hosting online, hybrid, and in-person events) that’s been used for over 48,000 live events as of January 2021.

Why use ActionButton with Hopin?

Real-time interactive engagement around the causes that matter to you most.

By combining Hopin and ActionButton, you can:

  • Poll attendees mid-event to gauge interest in relevant topics

  • Drive in-the-moment discussion with quizzes focused on your cause

  • Move supporters to donate after a powerful presentation

  • And much more!

No matter your need, a customized ActionButton allows you to engage event attendees and move them to join in on the conversation as it’s actively happening.

How does it work?

You can embed the Widget ID for any customized ActionButton directly into your Hopin event and the button content will appear in the right-hand side panel for attendees to engage with. Fast and easy. For more, check out the Hopin setup guide.

Events are opportunities to connect with your supporters in moments when they feel especially inspired to get involved. Now, you can provide them with quick, clear, and easy ways to do so––a win for you, your supporters, and your mission.

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