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Embedding widgets on an existing site is a breeze, and we've optimized each button type for display across social media feeds
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With your button created, youโ€™ll need to get it in front of potential action-takers.

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Getting started

To share/embed an action that you've already created, locate that button under My Buttons, then click the "view more" button for quick access:

Or click View Button, then scroll past the preview to find those same options:

๐Ÿ“Œ Note: If you're viewing the dashboard on a small screen, these buttons will be hidden, so all you have to do is tap the button card itself to view these options.

Copy/paste a link to your button

Use this button to copy the direct link to your button, and manually paste it into email blasts, text messages, or anywhere else you want.

Your button's URL points to your button's dedicated landing page, which will look something like this:

You can also click the email icon to jump right into a 1:1 email draft, pre-populated with your button link and some placeholder text.

Embed your button

If you have an existing website, you can embed your button into any page via iFrame. With this method, your button will blend seamlessly into your content, and empower your audience to take action without ever leaving the page.

Most website builders support iFrame embeds. The first step is to copy the iFrame code snippet using the link in the ... menu, or below Share your button.

Then paste that snippet into the HTML template or source code editor of whatever page(s) you want your button to appear.

For example, here's where you'd embed this widget into a NationBuilder page, just beneath the body content:

Sharing buttons on social

To share your button on social media, simply click the corresponding Share icon:

After you publish the post, the link preview will automatically include a screenshot of your own button, with the appropriate dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While the button image is static, it acts as a compelling click-through lure.

๐Ÿ’กInstagram Pro-Tip: You can add a button link to your Stories using the Link sticker feature. Combined with a personal call-to-action, this creates a seamless engagement path for your followers.

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