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How to add your logo

To add your logo, head over to your Account Profile > Group Information. Next, click Upload Logo and select the image file on your computer:

Your logo will appear in the top right corner of your button. For the best result, use a logo that is roughly twice as wide as it is tall.

How to customize button colors

You will be able to customize a primary and secondary color. They will be used for the hover-state of buttons, with primary color replacing the ActionButton pink.

  • Get the hex codes for your two colors. These should be in the format of #00000.

    • You can find these using the eyedropper tool found in many word processors and image editors, as well as in some browsers' Developer Tools.

  • Once you have your hex codes, head over to your Account Profile. Once here, select Theme and enter your hex codes.

📌 Note: These colors are for the hover states only. You cannot currently change the background color of the button or the font color and family.

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