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ActionButton settings explained
ActionButton settings explained

Learn what you can achieve by modifying ActionButton on the back end.

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Organization Settings

Group Information

Group information includes Organization name and description, X handle, and Privacy Policy URL.

Organization name

Organization name and description are displayed on your buttons and when button interactors click to find more information.

X (formerly Twitter) Handle

Your X username is displayed on your buttons.

Privacy policy URL

When a custom privacy policy URL is added, a link is added to the final screen of any button that collects personally identifiable information, as seen below. If no privacy policy URL is added, the text will not appear.

Privacy policies are often expected by supporters when they submit their personal information. You may wish to view the ActionButton privacy policy as an example.


Here, you can add and manage users on your ActionButton account.


In the theme section, you can choose the hex color codes of your organization to display on your buttons.

πŸ“Œ Note: This feature is only available on the ActionButton Plus plan.


Learn how many buttons and impressions per month you're allotted on your current plan.


Download .CSV files of your button data, including:

Personally Identifiable Information

Personal information (name, email, zip code, address, etc.) from users who opt-in on any buttons that collect personally identifiable information.

Aggregate Information

All of your published buttons, including completions and opt-ins.


Check the status of your connection to NationBuilder. You may also select global values for awarding social capital on various button types.

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