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How do the Donation, Volunteer Carousel, and Contact Your Lawmakers button types work?
How do the Donation, Volunteer Carousel, and Contact Your Lawmakers button types work?

Learn about the third-party APIs and data sources sources we use to power these buttons' special functionality

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Volunteer Carousel

ActionButton's volunteer opportunities are sourced from VolunteerMatch – the largest source of virtual and in-person volunteering opportunities in the United States. While these opportunities are primarily U.S. focused, you may be able to access opportunities in other countries as well.

Contact Your Lawmakers

ActionButton uses several resources to gather contact information for legislators, including Google's Civic Information API and the Communicating With Congress API.

This feature is available for legislators in the US and UK. Please note that in the US, target legislators are identified automatically via website visitor geo-location based on the button viewer's IP address. In the UK, users must enter their postcode manually.


ActionButton donations rely on the recipient organization's tax-ID (aka EIN) to direct funds to the registered charity or nonprofit. This feature is available in the US only.

How it works

The Donation action type leverages OrgHunter technology, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), to verify organizations' tax-exempt status, process payments, and dispurse those contributions to the recipient organization. To get this set up, you will need the EIN of the 501c(3) organization who will be receiving these financial contributions.

That might be your own organization's EIN — but you can also create Donation buttons to directly support any nonprofit you care about, regardless of whether you have any relationship with them! You can generally find a nonprofit's EIN on their website, or through a service like CharityNavigator, Guidestar, or via the IRS's own Tax Exempt Organization Search.

Are there fees?

Yes. In addition to ActionButton’s 3% service fee, OrgHunter — a donor-advised fund (DAF) that powers donations to any 501c(3) via Stripe — collects a 3.5% service fee. Additionally, there is a standard 2.2% + $0.30 credit card transaction cost. Funds donated via OrgHunter are disbursed on a monthly basis.

Do donors get receipts?

Yes! Donors will receive a receipt sent from ActionButton, denoting the charity or nonprofit, and the amount donated.

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